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how to addon domain cpanel

4 Easy Steps How to Addon Domain cPanel

Addon Domains is a feature to add multiple domain to single hosting account. In this article we will explain the steps to how to addon domain cPanel.

How to Addon Domain cPanel

The following will explain the procedure to adding domain on cPanel.

1. Login to cPanel

Login to cPanel using your hosting account detail, and make sure the web hosting package you supports the Addon Domain or multiple hosted Domains name feature.

e-padi Login cPanel

If you still do not understand how to login cPanel, please read the How to Login cPanel control panel.

2. Click the Addon Domains Menu

On the DOMAINS tabs -> Click the Addon Domains menu

how to addon domain cpanel

3. Fill in the Addon Domains form

Create an Addon Domain

Complete the Create an Addon Domain form

  • New Domain Name => Fill in the domain name to be added
  • Subdomain => Fill in the name of the subdomain (if you want to use a subdomain)
  • Document Root => Will be created automatically, replace if you want to replace with another folder
  • Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain. => If you want to create an FTP account for this domain addon, please check this option.

FTP is an Internet protocol that runs in the application layer which is a standard for sending computer files between machines in an Interfaces. For complete information, please read File Transfer Protocol.

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4. Click the Add Domain button

After completing the Create an Addon Domain form, save the changes by clicking the Add Domain button.

At this point, the procedure how to addon domain cPanel has completed.

If the addon domain name cPanel is correct, then the domain name that has been added will appear in the Addon Domains table below.

e-Padi Modify Addon Domain cPanel

Thus the article how to Addon Domain cPanel, if it still fails, there may be a step that is missed, please crosscheck again the steps we explained above.

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