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Terms of Services Agreement

cv.e-Padi Corporation (a.k.a Customer Agreement

Welcome to this site operated by cv.e-Padi Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates (“cv.e-Padi Corporation”, “e-Padi,com”, “we”, “our” and “us”). This site offers a wide variety of products and services which may be accessed through the site (“Site”). The term “you” or “your” includes any of your subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, agents, customers, contractors or entities you represent (“end users”).

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY. By accessing or using our Site or Service in any way you are agreeing to comply with this Agreement, including any documents, policies and guidelines incorporated by reference (referred to collectively as the “Agreement” or “Customer Agreement”). This Agreement contains the terms and conditions that govern your access to and use of the Service Offerings and is an agreement between cv.e-Padi Corporation and you. This Agreement takes effect when you order a product or service provided by us through this Site (“Service Offering”) or click any “I Accept” button or check box or when you use any of the Service Offerings or when you access and use our Site (the “Effective Date”).

I. Service provided Shared hosting, Domain name (registration, renewal, and transfer), reseller hosting, virtual private server, dedicated server, co-location, website design, and affiliate. Complete (features) and services are written on the website

The Hosting Service that was given by us is leasing of the place to placed the website and the help service about hosting activity.
The customer was given by the right for to make use of the service from us in accordance with the time period that was determined and his use was arranged in this agreement.

Domain Names
The domain that was registered by customer is temporary ownership, not permanent ownership. By registering or renewing a Domain, the Customer have the fully access to use the Domain during of contract period. We guarantee that the domain name will be registered under your name. Payment that was done by the Customer for registration, renewal, transfer or other services of domain, could not be refund with any reason.

Domain *.ID can only be registered by Indonesian people or any registered companies in Indonesia, You may be required to submit supporting documents to register an *.ID domain. Please read be careful any terms of documents should be submit at If You from outside Indonesia and cannot provide support documents to register domain .ID, we cannot refund Your payment with any reason.

Move Services Domain
Move Domain Services option only able to proccess if the domain active at least 10 days, starting from the request day to Move Services and the domain should be registered at Resellercamp domain registrar.

Transfer Domain
Transfer Domain option only able to proccess if the domain active at least 10 days, the domain should be registered outside of Resellercamp domain registrar.

II. Customer Prohibited
Using account at server for the things to illegal and/or Jurisdiction applied by and/or effected in:
– Territory Of Jurisdiction Republic Of Indonesia
– Territory Of Jurisdiction of where server placed (USA and Singapore)
– International Territory Of Jurisdiction

Using account at for the saving illegal file, making hyperlink, and miscellaneous in whatever form also, together Religion Opposition, Political Conflict, Seditious, community discrimination, spam activities, any Scam pages / websites and miscellaneous which of a kind.

Adult contents (Porn contents) though pictures, photo, or article. MP3 and of a kind. Gambling include the inbound or outbound links. Wares, Hacking, Phreaking, Pirated Software, etc. Collision of Copyrights. Utilizing account at server to run background process (process which move along to non-stop in server) and/or server daemon, (follow the example: irc boot, wget, etc), and also prohibited to utilize the account at server for the saving of file which can be categorized as a means of run the background process and/or above mentioned server daemon (follow the example: eggdrop, psyBNC, etc)

Sell medicine and / or prescriptions which is done not by the experts and without permission from official health agencies in Indonesia.

Selling and / or consulting services related to abortion and other illegal actions related to health that apply in Indonesia.

Running program redundantly (utilizing a lot of memory and/or CPU time) which can bother the stability of server Maximum CPU Resource allowed for shared hosting is 50%.
Trying damage and/or try to change the file/data system own the, what is non representing Customers rights
Trying damage and/or try to change the file/data own the other Customers, what is non representing Customer rights
Trying damage and/or try to change the file/data system own the third party of through server and/or access the property of

Doing things which can be categorized as SPAM, for example:
Through server, delivering offer promotion, goods and service also, to party which is not asked and/or is not desired by the receiver party.
Through outside server property of, delivering of offer and/or promotion, goods and service also, website of promotion is parking in Server, to party which is not asked by desired by the receiver party.

Running any Malwares, any Viruses on the hosting account either intentionally or due to user negligence by using the website script / web programming. server using an automatic antivirus scanning every day on all servers.

We has the Authority to SUSPENDED or TERMINATED (according to the violation level) the user account if violate detected at Point II and NOT obliged to inform the customer.

Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server
– Prohibited to running camfrog server
– Prohibited to running hacking scripts / application
– Prohibited to run any DDoS attack (inbound and outbond attack)
– Prohibited to selling Shell accounts
– Prohibited to run automailer / spamming
– Prohibited to run torrent activity
– Prohibited to run OSCAM activity
– Prohibited to run Open HTTP Proxy
– Prohibited to run Open Public DNS
– Prohibited to run Digital Currency / Cryptocurrency Mining

Refund money does not apply to account is suspended or terminated because violation of our Terms of services agreement.

III. Payment
Customer is obliged to do payment on time Payment done by bank system transfer, to bank account determined by
The payment is have to be confirmed by Customer to by online through page of payment confirmation determined by, or can through Email determined.
If time of payment boundary have near by, hence will conduct the notification pass the email or way of dissimilar.
If happened by the delay in payment during 10 (ten) days or more, hence is entitled to deactivate the (furthermore unannounced suspend) website Customer
If happened the delay in payment more than 20 (twenty) days or more, hence is entitled to vanish entire/all data of Customer at Server unannounced.

IV. Billing Database System
1. In the File, will keep on the Server
2. In the Physical, results printing that will keep as the document at office

This method will make the document to be accurate and safe.
If the dispute happening between the Colleague and, so the two methods could become the reference in taking the action and the decision.

V. cv.e-Padi Corporation own the full rights
Canceling contract unilaterally and/or at once, with or unannounced beforehand, if Customer conduct the breach of of Regulation and/or Agreement specified by
Canceling contract unilaterally and/or at once, with or unannounced beforehand, if Customer do the transgression, covering applicable law in Republic Of Indonesia, Punish where server located, and/or International Law
Canceling contract unilaterally and/or at once, with or unannounced beforehand, if Customer do not payment billing more than 20 (twenty) days counted from date of payment which as described in invoice or invoice of
Erasing, goodness one or entire/all file/data own the Customer, on file in server, if account of Customer have been canceled by
Contract Cancellation which is mentioned in entire/all sentence of at this section is do not get the fund return which still be remained, and/or do not get the replacement in whatever form also.

VI. Upgrade Package / Disk Space / Backup
Customer can Upgrade/Downgrade the Package anytime without addition fee. The Procedure is as follows:
– Accept to expense going into effect.
– The Calculation formula is:
Old Package – Active Period = (a)
New Package – (a) = Total payment
Total Value will be enhanced to new package purchasing, without refund (this matter is not applicable to Upgrade the Disk Space or Traffic only)
– Contract going into effect is new contract, and the old contract will be cancel, except domain still have to continue the old contract.

We only provide a Backup Facility (option) for all hosting customers which using cPanel hosting control panel, but we DO NOT keep any data on our server, client can download the data that has been backed up to other computer / server. If there is missing of customers data in part or in whole, irresponsible (free from lawsuits). We only can help to restore data provided by the customer.

We are NOT backup any VPS and Dedicated Server service on our server. Customers should save data backup by yourself.

VII. Additional / Removable Programs / Software
Customer not authorized to ADD / REMOVE programs / software’s to or from server.

VIII. Money 100% Back Guarantee
We give Money Back Guarantee within 30 days if you do NOT get services as we mentioned on this website, You get the Guarantee only for services below:
– Web Hosting Service
– Domain Name Service (not available for domain Indonesia / *.ID)
– cPanel Reseller Hosting Service.
– Website design

IX. Refund
– Refunds CAN NOT be made ​​if the customer violates of Terms of services agreement.
– Refunds will be added as deposite to the customer’s balance only, NOT transferred to the customer bank account or
– No Refund with any reason for services: Dedicated Server, VPS, Web Design, and Domain (registration, renewal, and transfer).

X. Changes to the Terms of Services Agreement
We may change or modify the Terms of this Agreement from time to time without notice other than posting a revised version on the Site.

By using our services, you abide by this Terms of Services Agreement.

Effective Date: December, 28 2006

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